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Wireless LAN

Advanced IP Solutions wireless LAN solution built on high performance intelligent dual- radio 802.11 ac is capable of delivering high performance to match the demands of enterprise networks. It is the perfect alternative for the traditional wired networks that are capable of delivering gigabit speeds. Our design team which has vast experience in building systems for different clients from all sectors can build the right solution with cutting edge technology to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

Benefits :

  • Future proof operation
  • Enhance user experience
  • BYOD secure access and integration
  • Capability to support real time application with full coverage
  • Smooth management

Benefits of clearly defined security policies :

  • Allow maximum control of security posture
  • Protection of network and end-user data
  • Provision of secure access to guests, BYOD and employees
  • Prevention of DOS attacks on the WLAN structure

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About Us

Advanced IP solutions is a communications network security service provider. Established by former IBM, Cable&Wireless Worldwide and Vodafone Engineers, Architects and Security Consultants.


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