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Campus LAN

Campus LAN

Designing a LAN for the campus use case is not a one-design-fits-all proposition. The scale of campus LAN can be as simple as a single switch at a small remote site or a large, distributed, multi-building complex with high-density wired ports.

Our LAN solutions use industry-leading technologies to maintain, monitor or manage your network depending on the level of service you choose. You’ll be fully supported by our expert teams and have access to key reporting tools.

Advanced IP Solutions engineers use technology, sophisticated world-class tools and disciplined design processes to provide comprehensive and multi-vendor design solutions for new networks and overlay designs. The design principles of the network employ a hierarchical model that separates the infrastructure further into layers. The sole purpose of layering is to ensure that all the following areas are present in the network.

  • Performance

    change to Performance is considered as one of the major factors basis of which an IP network undergoes assessment. One can assess the performance of any IP network by variation in response time and response time of the application.

  • Resilience

    A high specific system designed to carry business critical applications may be required to meet an availability target of 99% with ‘zero-downtime’ requirement for mission critical applications such as IP Telephony.

  • Scalability

    Growth is an integral part of any business strategy. Therefore, a well-designed network must be capable of adequately supporting growth without requiring major re-designing. The increase in the number of users, network endpoints or sites over the lift time of the newly deployed infrastructure must be accounted for, along with the possibility of new applications deployment or the increased bandwidth consumption by existing applications.

  • Manageability

    For a well-designed and seamless network it is essential to consider data planes, employment of management interface, and control separation. In the absence of these factors, the day to day tasks including troubleshooting the issues faced by the core network become an arduous task.

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