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About Us

About Us

Advanced IP solutions is a IT service provider. Established by former IBM, Cable&Wireless Worldwide and Vodafone Engineers, Architects and Security Consultants. At Advanced IP Solutions we understand how critical the core network services are to modern day business. Our services focus on providing end-to-end solutions that improve uptime, reduce security risks and provide technology solutions that give our clients a competitive edge. We coordinate with every new potential client to understand your business need, your ethos and operational requirements. Our focus is to deliver your projects to exact standards that your company demands. To achieve this goal, we follow the Advanced IP Solutions five step strategy:

  • Infrastructure Audit

    As an independent consultant, we will evaluate your organisation’s existing infrastructure. This enables us to find cost effective solutions that can extend the life of your existing infrastructure. We suggest that you consult us before you replace or upgrade your systems.

  • Design Review

    By conducting a design review, we focus on improving the stability and reliability of your network system. We shall identify the inherent faults that could have developed due to the organic growth in network infrastructure environment. We document the existing designs and make recommendations based on best practices and vendor recommendations.

  • Technology Evaluation

    Being a neutral third party we help organisations to ascertain the requirements of their network infrastructure, we evaluate and offer our recommendations to suit the needs of your company. This can either be done as an independent advisory or by coordination through engagement with manufacturer and demonstrations. We provide staff training and development, enabling your company to get the best returns on investments made in infrastructure.

  • Solution Recommendation

    The solution suggested are best in-class that suit your brief. This is presented in the form of a report that outlines financial and technical aspects and the options available. The report will be easy to understand and will indicate and elaborate on the overall architecture and total cost of ownership for the proposed solution, where ever possible the return on investment figures shall be included.

  • Proof of Concept

    This is a critical stage in any project and more so in case of leading edge projects and environments. We recommend the options to our clients as part of our implementation process. The review stage shall ascertain that the suggested solutions achieve the desired goals by testing key parameters in a controlled test environment before deploying it full scale for production.

  • Summary

    This 5-step approach is the result of our experience in delivering the best solutions for our clients, on time and within budget. We are committed striving and working with our client’s needs at the centre stage.

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About Us

Advanced IP solutions is a communications network security service provider. Established by former IBM, Cable&Wireless Worldwide and Vodafone Engineers, Architects and Security Consultants.


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